kiba // [zeniconage]

Just a reminder....

For anyone that still has me friended, this journal is not in use anymore..

Thought I'd remind you if you still do wanna stay in touch to head on over togolden__vanity because thats where I'm at.

Thanks everyone ♥
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saiyuki // [icontraband]

(no subject)



& this one WILL be closed from now on. No more updates, comments, entries, whatev.
so please add the new one if you still wanna stay in touch. And comment on my friends only post to let me know ♥


PS: Sorry for the lack of updates etc in my roleplaying journals, i assure you I will get started again with them soon.
Hara Tsubasa is on H-I-A-T-U-S.
Just until I can get everything sorted out.
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shippou // [minoticons]

Friends Only!

Okay, so since I had a change of heart, this journal is now..


Plz follow these simple rules:
+Add me, & then comment in this post to let me know.
+Please have common interests with me. If you don't like anime, then you'll probably not enjoy reading my posts.
+Type normally please. I hate seeing PoSTs Dat LuK LiKe DiS!
+Don't be rude. I write what I want in my journal, as so should you all.
+Don't just add me for the sake of it. If you think we can be friends, then by all means, add away! I like meeting new people XD
+Please could you read my userinfo first. There are some things in there you should probably know before you add me.. & I don't wanna be defriended for silly reasons later on.

I think that's all!

MY FRIENDS ONLY BANNERS. If you wish to take one of these, feel free, but please give me the credit for them!

4 x Sukisyo/Sukisho!
1 x Gravitation
1 x Inuyasha
1 x Sanosuke [Rurouni Kenshin]

Banners ahoy!Collapse )